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EDITORIAL: When it comes to the Pandemic, we need responsibility and solidarity

These are not easy times for anyone. Since March, the entire world has been in anguish and anxious as to what may come next for the Covid-19. A virus that has shown to be unpredictable and capable of reproducing and causing death in people. There is still no cure, and governments, scientists, and health experts are in a race against the clock to find a vaccine that’s stops the disease.

Meanwhile, on August 4, our State of Connecticut was hit by one of the worst rain and wind storms. With the name of “Isaías” a tropical storm that was already hitting the entire east coast of the country, came here with winds of over 60 miles per hour and lasted several hours. This caused the fall of a large number of trees, knocked down utility lines, and of course, various damages to property, cars, damaged roads and apparently caused a lone fatality.

Connecticut was declared a “State of Emergency” from the State Government in order to have the resources to try to quickly alleviate the problems that occurred. It was also announced that nearly 800 thousand homes and businesses were without electricity and that this would last for a few days.

To all this, the Illuminating electricity companies and especially Eversource, that provides service to much of the State announced that they were doing everything possible to restore the damage. However, Governor Ned Lamont issued a vigorous statement in which he asked the Connecticut Public Services Regulatory Authority (PURA) to conduct a rigorous investigation of the two companies for the responsibility in which he considered an inappropriate response after the tropical storm Isaiah.

Lamont mentioned that the natural phenomenon was announced early enough for companies to take precautions and have a better response. He also recalled that in the previous natural phenomenon of 2011 when an anticipated snowstorm wreaked havoc on power lines, Eversource had promised that for the future they would be better prepared and better responsive. Today more responsibility and accountability is needed.

At this point in life, the problems add up and we are all suffering. Health and safety are a priority, but also the economic question begins to affect in all forms and at all levels. Recommendations are important, but aid plans are needed more than ever. We must recognize the selfless task of organizations such as “Foodshare” in which many volunteers join efforts and through a permanent calendar they are delivering food to those most in need. That is called solidarity and you have to applaud and support these types of actions.


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