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EDITORIAL: The risks of swimming pools in the summer

Although news about Covid-19 and the damage it causes to people’s health is the subject of the moment, we must not lose sight of situations that can turn into tragedies. Now that public swimming pools have started to open, and also the large number of swimming pools that have been installed in the houses, it is necessary to know that drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children from 1 to 4 years old. Young children can drown in as little as an inch or two of water, and that can happen quickly and quietly.

The story of Stew and Kim Leonard, a Connecticut couple can give us a more realistic idea of ​​what can happen. In 1989, as they were preparing to celebrate a birthday, Kim was inside the house doing something to eat in the oven, while Stew hung some balloons outside, both thought that one of the two was watching over their youngest son, Stew Leonard III, who was only 21 months old, when they discovered that she had lost sight of them it was too late, the boy had drowned in the pool.

Shortly after the tragedy, the Leonards became strong advocates for the dissemination and promotion of water safety. They are the co-founders of the “Stew Leonard III Water Safety Foundation.” Since its inception in 1990, the organization has raised over $ 2 million for water safety awareness and education, including lifeguard training and the provision of 10,000 free swimming lessons each year.

            That is why this Tuesday, July 7, the Leonard couple joined the National Senator for Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal and other authorities at an event at Churchill Park Pool in Newington, to raise awareness about the dangers that children have around pools, making recommendations to parents to properly supervise their children about swimming pools.

Let’s also remember that as more parents work from home, they may be less attentive to children in swimming pools. According to national statistics, pool facilities in Connecticut and across the country have increased significantly as people search for socially distant ways to beat the heat – that is, avoid going to the beaches and staying safer from COVID-19 on their own. houses.

Which, of course, is indicating that the risks of the little ones have also grown. Some basic tips are not to lose sight of any child who is near a pool, always have an older person watching this situation and in stable pools of regular size to build fences or fenders to prevent accidental entry of the minor, it will be a good idea.


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