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EDITORIAL #438: Is it everything fair game in politics?

This Tuesday, July 20, President Donald Trump surprised again by signing a memorandum that would prevent undocumented immigrants living in the United States from being counted, when the constituencies of the National Congress are redistributed again. Although the Constitution states that districts must be based on the entire number of people, the statement tries to interpret it differently.

Those who back having constituencies of citizens-only argue that each vote should have the same weight. If one district has far fewer eligible voters than another, they say, each vote has more influence on the electoral results. And that will favor Republicans.

Of course, this has an electoral tint to it and is a clear demonstration of contempt for the immigrant people who live, work and contribute to the country. Whether this succeeds will directly influence the number of representatives per district and also the funds allocated to the districts.

Make no mistake, being three and a half months away from the presidential elections on November 3, Polls have begun to take its toll on the present administration and the candidate of the Democratic party, Joe Biden, has begun to increase the 5% he had over Trump.

The maneuvers that are hatching in the Republican tent are truly incredible. After the adverse ruling of the Supreme Court to the idea of ​​eliminating the executive order that protects the “Dreamers”, voices appeared that the president was interested in sending Congress a bill that would favor the path towards legalization of youth students who were brought in by their parents as children.

Intimidating statements and actions have also been taken towards international students, so that they go back to their countries if the universities decide to only give virtual classes, a backward movement was also known in recent days and that they spoke of the contribution they make to the country. Obviously this as a result of the rejection displayed by the students, teachers and universities.

Returning to the idea of ​​not counting everyone for the distribution of constituencies, apart from being unconstitutional, the increasingly strong campaign in the media contradicts itself, urging people to participate in the 2020 Census, stating that they questions are simple, that the ways how to get your data are varied and most importantly, that your information is confidential and that it is only for the purposes of the Census. We should all be counted. Then? Could it be that in politics everything is fair game … We think not. The pandemic is proving it, we are all important.


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