The dinosaurs never went extinct, they live among us

The dinosaurs never went extinct, only now they are birds. This is the clear message launched by the paleontologists behind the exhibition “Dinosaurs among us”, which can be seen from March 21 at the Museum of Natural History in New York.
The exhibition, coordinated by paleontologist Mark A. Norell, shows the direct link between dinosaurs and birds, an evolution that new technologies have allowed to evidence in detail. “25 years ago we stopped ignoring the thesis that there was a direct link between dinosaurs and birds. Today, after recent studies using the latest technologies, we can say that we still live in the age of dinosaurs,” said Norell.
Researchers have been able to trace the evolution thanks to elements like plumage. In some of the unborn dinosaurs, there was founded imminent plumage which thousands of years later, allow the evolved species in a smaller size to fly. The brains of those dinosaurs and their related bone structure are also the genesis of today’s approximately 18,000 species of birds on the planet.
But the link does not stay in biology. Similar behaviors were also detected. Some dinosaurs used to acquire a sleeping position with their head between their arms to maintain the warm temperature, something equally characteristic of modern birds.
The slogan of the exhibition is “never again will you see a bird with the same eyes.” The exhibition in the museum coincides with the new display “Titanousaurius” which replicates a dinosaur of 38 meters in length.
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