TELETON USA 2013 reaches their $15 million goal

For an untold number of years Teletón Navideño has been a part of the Holidays in Mexico and its fundraising efforts to help children with physical disabilities, cancer and autism.
All this came about with state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers throughout México. The best thing about the centers is that they help children with physical disabilities between the ages of 0-18 years old and service is free of charge.
They’re bringing the first rehabilitation center, called CRIT (Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón), to the United States and they chose San Antonio to open the first CRIT.
Teleton USA 2013 concluded on Saturday and after 29 hours of fundraising, the Univision event was able to raise an astounding $15,315,678. With this incredible effort, the Center for Child Rehabilitation in San Antonio, Texas weill be able to reach completion while children throughout the country suffering from cancer and autism will receive renewed support from institutions benefiting from the Teleton funds. Fernando Landeros, president of Fundacion Teleton USA thanked the support of the whole commmunity and reiterated his promise: “next October the first Center For Child Rehabilitation will be inaugurated in San Antonio, Texas.”
Teleton USA’s incredible feat was reached at 2:40 AM, Sunday morning. The hispanic community of the United States has proved once again the incredible generosity of its heart. Special guests at the event included Lucero, Galilea Montijo, Raúl González, Enrique Santos, Alejandra Espinoza, Vanessa de Roide, Malillany Marín and Carlos McCornie. Vazquez Sounds provided the musical accompaniment for the evening, beginning with the hymn “Gracias A Ti” which captures the spirit of the evening. The entire Teleton team expressed its enormous appreciation to the community for their support in this venture.
The goal of the Teleton campaing was to raise both funds and awareness for the therapies and treatments needed for children across the country that have been lacking for so many years

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