Teen in North Carolina Awaits Imminent Deportation, while Community Demands his Immediate Release

For months, North Carolina families, teachers, students, and civil, labor and faith organizations have been fighting the detention and deportation of NC teenagers such as the imminent deportation of Wildin Acosta. While ICE Director Sarah Saldaña granted Wildin a stay of one more day to file his appeal, Wildin remains detained in Georgia and could be deported as early as tomorrow.
  The fight is far from over. During this week, the community participates in a Week of Actions for Wildin including a rally Thursday evening calling for Wildin’s release and asking all Congressional Representatives and state and local officials to join in bringing Wildin home.
  Several other teenagers in North Carolina and elsewhere face the same fate as Wildin. Pedro Salmeron, who is detained at an ICE flight staging center could be deported to El Salvador this week, and Yefri Sorto, who was issued a last minute stay of deportation but could find his stay lifted at any moment, are just a few of the 800 teenagers who arrived as unaccompanied children and have been detained and/or deported by ICE since October. 
  The community outcry against Wildin’s deportation has been growing for weeks as teachers, students, community members, and elected officials have all called for Wildin’s immediate release. Congressman David Price, Congressman G.K. Butterfield, and local officials have spoken publicly in support of Wildin and the North Carolina NAACP released a statement calling on the full North Carolina Congressional Delegation to stop his imminent deportation.
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