Six members of the National Ballet of Cuba defected and flew to Miami

Six members of the National Ballet of Cuba who defected this weekend in Puerto Rico are already in Miami and will be presented soon to the Classic Ballet Cuban Miami. They are two girls and four boys, confirmed Pedro Pablo Peña, founder and artistic director of the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami, who highlighted the artistic quality of the dancers. "Their careers are cut short on the island, when he did not have the possibilities of other artists abroad”, he said. He noted that all of them are good, although with some trepidation and nervous, which is normal, "always happens when they come from the island of terror there," he said.
He added that there is a rumor that the prima ballerina has also deserted and it is possible that two more members of that ballet have done the same, "although no one knows where they are." According to local media, the dancers managed to escape, once their performance in San Juan was over on Friday, their passports were held by Cuban officials but they managed to get them back with the excuse that their relatives had sent them money from Miami. The dancers are planning on request asylum In USA. Since 2007, at least 35 dancers have sought asylum in the U.S. and other countries, according to statistics from the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami.

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