SeaWorld announces the end of its shows with orcas

The company SeaWorld announced this month that they have canceled its program of shows with orcas after years of controversy. Now they will give visitors the ability to have more “natural” experiences with these cetaceans.
According to a statement, SeaWorld will not release the cetaceans, because, in their view, they cannot longer adapt to the wild. They also said in the statement that they had made this decision because “society is changing” and recalls that it has not captured wild animals for nearly 40 years.
After hearing the news, the organization of animal protection PETA said in a statement that SeaWorld should now open its tanks to the ocean, to allow captive orcas to have a life out of their prisions. “SeaWorld has taken a step forward, but more should come. PETA asks people around the world to maintain a strong campaign for the well of all animals.”
SeaWorld killer whales will remain on the US, in their parks in Orlando (Florida), San Antonio (Texas) and San Diego (California), where they will star in “new and inspiring encounters” with visitors. This new attraction, more “natural”, will abandon the show to focus on a commitment to education, research, marine science and marine rescue of these animals.
According to the specialized organization About Whales and Dolphins, in December 2015 there were 56 orcas in captivity, of which 23 were captured from the oceans and 33 were born in captivity in at least 12 marine parks in Argentina, Canada, France, Spain, Russia, Japan and the United States.
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