Pyongyang calls “terrorist act” to Evan Goldberg’s film that mocks its leader

North Korea called "outrageous terrorist act" the American comedy to be released soon on a plan to assassinate the leader Kim Jong-un, and threatened the U.S. with "merciless measures" if it allows its projection. "The screening of the film, which openly demonstrates the intent to harm our Supreme Management, is an intolerable terrorist open war act to overthrow the regime that won’t be tolerated," said a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry on a statement from the state agency KCNA.
Directed by Evan Goldberg and starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, U.S. production "The Interview" will debut next October, but the trailer is now available on numerous Internet videos. This comedy tells the story of two journalists who come to Pyongyang with the apparent aim of making an interview with Kim Jong-un, but they are actually part of a secret plan of the CIA to assassinate him. "The Interview" will not be the first film in which Hollywood lampoon a leader of North Korea, as in "Team America" (2004) the deceased Kim Jong-Il, father of the current leader, was portrayed in a burlesque as well.

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