Noted Venezuelan Women received recognition in the US Congress

With a solemn and meaningful ceremony, a group of 18 prominent Venezuelan women were recognized in the United States Congress in Washington DC by the Honorable Congressman Carlos Curbelo; to whom he delivered a Certificate and an American flag on behalf of all the prominent Venezuelan women; a request from the Venezuelan Association of Mothers and Women Abroad (AMAVEX).
Helene Villalonga, activist and director of AMEVEX explained in detail the importance of this recognition, highlighting those deserving personalities who have worked hard to elevate the name of their country. The award that these women received was the “Honor of Dedication, Talent and Invaluable Contribution of the Venezuelan woman to the Multiculturalism in the United States of America”.
Among the honorees were: Soraya Alcalá, editor of Columna Estilos, a pioneer in digital format and creator of Estilos Media; Barbara Palacios, former Miss Venezuela and Ex-Miss Universe, who has established a long career in the US as a businesswoman; Fabiola Colmenares, actress and social activist; Carla Angola and Nathaly Salas Guaitero, both anchors in El Venezolano TV and TV Venezuela respectively. They are all women entrepreneurs, fighters for social causes.
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