Madonna hints about her upcoming album on Instagram

Madonna hints about her upcoming album on Instagram
If in her previous albums Madonna argued for secrecy before publication, now for her upcoming album she has decided to bomb her Instagram with possible clues about the same, like a song called "Messiah", of which she has posted the lyrics or hashtags as #anapologeticbithe and #iconic.
Her fan community is anxious to know what would be the next step of their diva Madonna, who was apathetic to social networks for years, but now she is fueling rumors in her Instagram account, from which she earlier launched criticism to Nicolas Maduro and created controversy by showing her thirteen year old son drinking alcohol.
But finally being given a promotional and professional use to this platform, and since she began recording what will be her new album, has been giving hints about collaborations, producers, possible titles for the disc and songs and ambiguous clues that have burned the network.
On the other hand, the producer Diplo confirmed that he had worked with Madonna (she uploaded photos with him in the studio) and provided another possible title for a song: "I'm Madonna Bitch". Although, lately she exploded her philanthropic and committed side with her art project "Art for Freedom" and another possible title is "Living for Love", it seems that her ribald and irreverent side will be still present.

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