July Student of the month: Angélica Santiago

Every month a student of our community will be showcased for being a positive role model for other students.
Students will be talking about their dreams, who are the people they look up to as their own role models, what they have taught them and what makes them tick.

Who: Angélica Santiago
Born: Hartford, Connecticut
Parents from: Puerto Rico – (Guayama & Ponce )
School: CREC Academy of Science & Innovation
Studying: 11th grade – Made honors twice this year
Passion: Sports. “I love softball, I’ve been playing this sport for 6 years. At first, I didn’t like getting dirty and running around but then I realize it was so much fun to work as a team and be part of it. You get close to people and make new friends that feel like family. My team’s high school name is the Hurricanes but it will change now to The Ravens since we have been merged with another high school. I think discipline is very important and it will always keep you in the right track”.

Role models: Mother – She always pushes me to do new things and not to give up!
Teachers: Ms. Olsen - Teacher’s aide – She was always very supportive, helping me succeed during the school year.
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Identidad Latina

Identidad Latina
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