IMPORTANTE: Caravana Pro-Reforma Migratoria

La Coalition Pro Immigration Reform of Hartford invita a la comunidad a ser parte de la Caravana Pro-Inmigración en Washington DC, el Lunes 14 de Junio. El lugar de Salida sera el Federal Bulding, 450 Main St. Hartford, a las 4:00 a.m.

-Estamos viajando a Washington para solicitar a nuestro Presidente y líderes del Congreso que pasen una reforma migratoria justa e integral este año.

-Traiga su carro, su mensaje al congreso, camisa blanca y su familia y amigos.

Caravana Pro-Reforma Migratoria
!Actuemos todos juntos ahora!

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The people from the United States of America have been waiting for years for a change in our broken immigration system. For decades we have been suffering the injustice and repression with harsh and restrictive measures like Arizona’s SB 1070, which encourages racial profiling, violates civil and human rights and incites hate and bigotry. Opposite to our American values. Our leaders in Congress have been ignoring this situation all these years by not passing a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that would allow our people to live descent and respected lives in this country.

Four years ago, we saw a light when McCain and Kennedy pushed for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, but unfortunately Congress did not make any decisions because of political parties interests and not people’s interest. Congress closed the doors to millions of immigrants who work hard and honestly to build the great country this is.

Today, we are knocking one more time that door that you closed before. We are calling for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that:

1.- Creates a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants who work and contribute to the economy of this country.

2.- Keeps families together.

3.- Defends civil and human rights for all immigrant.

4.- Allows equal opportunities and fair treatment to all.

A Coalition of different organizations, unions, congregations and different community leaders is traveling to Washington DC in “the caravan Pro Immigration Reform 2010” on June 14th, in order to bring this message to our leaders in Congress. This caravan is one of thousands of events that have been happening around the country asking for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year.
It is time to fix our broken Immigration system and move our country forward!!
We are opposing the Arizona’s law SB1070!!

Coalition Pro-Immigration Reform of Hartford.

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