God’s Story with Morgan Freeman

Who is God? Where we come from? Why evil exist? Where do we go when we die? All human beings asked themselves these same questions at least once in their life and probably each person has found a different answer. Nat Geo Mundo in conjunction with Revelation Entertainment presents the new series of 6 episodes: God’s Story produced by Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary and James Younger. This series will take the audience on a journey around the world to explore different cultures and religions and discover the meaning of life, of God and of all the great questions that this entails.
 In general, God’s Story with Morgan Freeman seeks to understand how religion evolved over the course of civilization. Also, how religion has shaped the evolution of society. While in our current geopolitical landscape, religion is often seen as an agent that divides, this new production tries to demonstrate the striking similarities between different faiths and how humans seek to be united by faith. This series is a search for God; it seeks to clarify the questions that have disconcerted, terrified and inspired humanity.
  Each episode of The History of God with Morgan Freeman focuses on a big question about the divine: The creation; Who is God?; Evil; Miracles; Apocalypse; and Death. To explore each of these issues, Morgan Freeman traveled to some of the major religious sites in the world, including the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the Bodhi Tree in India, the Mayan temples in Guatemala and the pyramids of Egypt. He was joined by archaeologists who helped him to reveal some of the lost religions of our ancestors, like those of the Neolithic village of 7500 B.C. Çatalhöyük in Turkey. He plunged into the experiences and religious rituals from around the world. He also became a test subject in scientific laboratories to examine where the frontiers of neuroscience and the traditional territory of religion intersect.
God’s Story with Morgan Freeman opens on Sunday April 3 at 9pm ET / PT on Nat Geo Mundo and will be transmitted worldwide in spring through National Geographic channels in 171 countries and 45 languages.
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