Energy Efficiency programs push in CT

Competitive Resources Inc. (CRI) is working with owners and managers of multi-family
buildings and complexes to lower their energy bills through Energize Connecticut’s
various energy efficiency programs.
CRI offers energy efficiency services statewide to customers of Connecticut Light and
Power Company (CL&P), The United Illuminating Company (UI), and municipal electric
companies. Eligible multi-family facilities include apartment complexes, high-rise
apartment buildings, group homes, assisted living facilities, condominium complexes,
and dormitories on college campuses. Energize Connecticut’s multi-family initiative
gives owners and managers of these buildings access to multiple energy efficiency
As part of the initiative, CRI’s certified technicians will make energy-saving improvements
that include identifying and sealing air leaks and drafts; installing energyefficient
light bulbs and water-saving devices; identifying inefficient appliances, insulation
levels, and heating/cooling systems; and providing valuable information on
available utility incentives and tax credits.
“In a multi-family complex, each apartment’s energy consumption affects the entire
building. So the most effective way to improve energy efficiency for individual units
is to make the entire building more energy efficient,” explains Scott Hastie, CRI’s
regional manager. Energy-saving improvements can reduce energy use in many multifamily
buildings by up to 30 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development.

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