EDITORIAL: Trump’s campaign is underway

Raids, deportations… Trump’s campaign is underway

On these past few days, we saw Governor Ned Lamont at the Puerto Rican Festival in Bridgeport and Luke Bronin, Mayor of Hartford, at a Dominican celebration at a Hartford stadium, also there, was his main challenger, Eddie Pérez. This occurs just when the start of the plan for the raids and deportations of immigrants promoted by President of the United States, Donald Trump, was announced. If we analyze the images of both events, we realize that there is a big contrast in decisions being made at the national level and those at the state level.

This contrast is a confirmation of the expressions of the highest authorities in Connecticut, who together with the majority of legislators are against restrictive measures, discrimination and the persecution of immigrants. Precisely on Monday June 15th, Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Representative in Washington, along with a delegation of Congress, were in a refugee center for children and youth in Florida. After the visit, she denounced the precarious conditions in which they find themselves and the lack of interest of the authorities to reunite them with their relatives.

It is possible that because of this sense of protection that we have in our State, the dreaded raids are not having the effect that was thought. In addition, there have been several demonstrations in different cities, including in the capital Hartford, in repudiation of the announcements of the federal administration against undocumented immigrants.

At this point, everything can happen and we must be alert, that is why IDENTIDAD LATINA joins the people and organizations that are promoting aid to be informed about the rights of all people, whatever their legal status are, and also to prepare for a prevention plan, in case they are subject to arrests and other measures.

Apparently, the campaign for the re-election of President Trump will once again have an attack front against immigrants, despite the failure of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and several of its anti-immigrant measures, it is evident that he will repeat an strategy that proved to be effective back in 2016. We hope that this time around, the electorate in general and especially Latinos, will become aware of the situation we are living and what may come.
Jorge Alatrista
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