EDITORIAL: Donald Trump’s reelection

Donald Trump’s reelection: A candidacy that is scaring many

At the close of this present edition, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, officially announced his candidacy for re-election in front of 20 thousand people in Orlando, Florida. Meanwhile last night, on Twitter, he stated that "next week, ICE will begin the process of removing millions of illegal aliens who have unlawfully found their way to the United States. “They will be expelled as soon as they enter."

Of course this message is not casual, it is clear that it is part of an electoral strategy that worked in 2016, to denigrate immigrants and to appear as the great defender of the integrity of the country. This shapes and strengthens that group of fanatical followers and also many deluded ones who believe that this is the way to have a safe and respectable nation.

His preaching that began with insults to Mexicans, then the new anti-immigrant laws that he has promoted, the attacks on minorities, whether those were women, African-Americans, Latinos, and two and a half years into his presidency, those attacks have not stopped. Worst of all is the climate of hatred and fear that he has created. This has brought and is growing, the division between people, families and communities.

In his opening speech of this new campaign he spoke about an economy that is better than ever. Of a unemployment rate that is the lowest in decades, but what we must understand is that in life not only material and money are important, but also the dignity of the people and respect for others.

When we speak of immigrants, whatever the time we came to this country, we cannot lose the sensitivity that characterizes us by having a common origin, a similar history, we cannot be selfish and in the face of injustice and discrimination, we should not look away.

Although the Democrat candidates are still far from being defined, it seems that the Republicans will close ranks, whatever happens, behind the current president.

It is time to think and act with intelligence, from the place we have, to avoid that we continue to be treated as second or third people. Four more years of this administration can be too frustrating and no one will return that time to us.

Jorge Alatrista
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