Donald, 80 years of the kinder Duck and moodiest character of Disney

More than 200 films in 80 years is a record that few can presume, but Donald Duck can, one of the most popular characters from Disney, whose birthday was June 9th. Created by cartoonist Dick Lundy, on June 9, 1934, Donald's character first appeared in "The Wise Little Hen”, a short film of eight minutes within the "Silly Simphonies" series (1929-1939) in which all the characters from Disney mingled.
At the first appearance, Donald was just a minor character, but won the audience from the first minute, mainly due to the almost unintelligible voice that Clarence Nash gave him, who would be his bender for 51 years, until his death. Donald Duck wore a blue sailor shirt with a matching hat and red bow tie, elements that have always accompanied him; he was a little taller, thinner and larger feet before a few changes in 1937 and definitively established his final look.
His first film was "The Reluctant Dragon" in 1941, but his two most famous films are "Saludos Amigos" (the original title in Spanish), a medium-length 1942 set in South America, "The three gentlemen "(1944), a Disney classic in which the duck moved to Brazil and Mexico. As fun facts, in 1995 an asteroid was named Donald Duck and in 2004 got his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, an honor shared with other characters like Bugs Bunny, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Shrek.And as proof of popular appeal that continues despite its venerable age, in 2013 80 million copies of his magazines, which have local editions in 16 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, according to Disney.

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