Dismissed Bill against Hartford Women’s Center

Bill against the Hartford Women’s Center dismissed

On March 26 the Public Health State Committee dismissed the bill where pro-choice advocates of abortion represented by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) attempted to limit the actions of the Hartford Women’s Center and the Pregnancy Resource Center who are assisted by volunteers pro-life, these centers offer alternatives to abortion.

IDENTIDAD LATINA had access to the bill and conducted a journalistic investigation. We begin with the name of Mrs. Abby Johnson accused by NARAL of being an important national leader of the Pregnancy Resource Centers and that uses deceptive practices. What NARAL does not mention is that Johnson was a former important administrative executive of the multinational Planned Parenthood (agency that performs 30% of the abortions in USA). Johnson was not present during the abortions. Once a doctor asked for help during an abortion and she could see through the ultrasound machine how the future baby tried to reject the blade of the doctor who wanted to destroy it. Such was her horror at seeing the scene that she quit Planned Parenthood and made a complaint through her books Unplanned and The Walls are Talking. Johnson became a fervent advocate for life at a national level.

Another accusation by NARAL was that the Pregnancy Resource Centers are located near universities and African-American and Hispanic communities, but at the same time they argued that these centers seek to be located door-to-door with the Pro-choice Centers (abortion centers). Which implies that those who were there first were the pro-choice centers. In a documented investigation we found that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, proposed placing these abortion centers close to AfricanAmerican populations and other minorities because it was their intention to reduce and eliminate this population as well as the population of the physically and mentally disabled during the first half of the twentieth century and tried through Eugenics that genetically selects humans through selective breeding and sterilization.

Also despite the negatives of NARAL the dangers of abortion such as breast cancer and psychological damage have been convincingly demonstrated by specialists on the five continents. Regarding the accusations of deception made by the NARAL project, we asked the opinion of Dr. Judith Mascolo, medical director of the Hartford Women’s Center:

“Hartford Women’s Center does not advertise except for the small cards we hand out to women listing our phone number and the services we provide. We never claim that we are a full-service medical clinic. We only offer pregnancy tests and limited obstetrical ultrasounds and these are done only by our licensed nurses (an RN and APRN). None of our medical staff ever stand outside and talk to the girls as they are walking into the abortion clinic next door. Only our trained volunteers do that and they are very careful about what they say (and they don’t wear medical garb). All of our services are free. We don’t even bill Husky insurance for pregnancy tests. Almost all of our staff are volunteers. Only our bookkeeper at this time is a paid position.

We are located in inner cities or near college campuses because, for the most part that is where Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics are located. We want to be near the women who may need our services. We are their last hope. Most young women know about abortions and how to find clinics that do them. They are taught about these things starting in middle school because Planned Parenthood in most Connecticut cities have persuaded school districts to get Planned Parenthood curriculum in the health education classes. Most women who we see never even know about the services that pregnancy resource clinics provide. I hear this very frequently from women who have had abortions: <>.

By sending out fake patients to centers across the State, NARAL was doing exactly what they accuse us of doing, they were being deceptive! I don’t trust any of their stories from their fake patients. I don’t believe what they say occurred at the Hartford Women’s Center.
Pablo D. Perleche
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