Diego Luna, Soccer and Cinema

Diego Luna show his skill in soccer and cinema with "Rudo y Cursi," but now, in the middle of the World Cup in Brazil, the Mexican gets behind the camera to make the short film "I Will Never Let You Down" a story about passion "ageless" caused by this sport.
Just three months after the premiere of "Cesar Chavez," his second feature as director, he sees the light of this work as part of the album "Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game", in which filmmakers like Spike Lee, Jessy Terrero and Idris Elba put images to songs by artists such as Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monáe, Rita Ora, Don Omar or Timbaland. The common thread that unites them all is the beautiful game: Soccer. The film, which serves as an introduction to the remix of the track of Rita Ora, number one in England, which tells how the elders over 75 years leave for a while the residence where they spend their lives to play football and enjoy it despite age.
"They gave me full freedom and the opportunity to start from scratch and design a small story moved me. Soccer is a passion that accompanies you to the end, it knows no age, time, or social classes. It is something that is shared throughout the world and creates a wonderful feeling of freedom" he said.

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