Brazilian cuisine, an unknown hatching to discover at the World Cup

From feijoada to moqueca, or ingredients such as yuca and pequí, Brazilian cuisine is becoming known in the world thanks to the work of renowned chefs like Alex Atala and Helena Rizzo, but there is still much to discover and World cup is a good opportunity to learn about it.
As rich and varied as its topography, it is logical that it won’t take long for it to hatch and there are many international chefs who have set their sights on it already, looking for new products. A visionary like Ferran Adrià predicted long ago that "Brazil will be next innovative gastronomy worldwide". Even Michelin will allocate in the 2015 guide, for the first time, its coveted stars in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, spearhead of culinary development and between the major cities of the world haute cuisine.
Brazilian Restaurants in the world intend to offer a menu to enjoy matches of the World Cup on big screens as you would in the field of a Brazilian stadium. "pellizcos de estadio" in gourmet version with truffle popcorn, macadamia nuts and curry, mini burger with cheese and bread skewers. While other restaurants had decided to put on their menu some Brazilian dishes in these weeks of competition, as Bristolbar (Madrid), in order to share a little bit of the Brazilian culture.

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