Antonio Banderas is proud of the victory of Hispanics in Hollywood

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas said in Bogota that is proud to be part of the generation of Hispanic artists who managed to open the doors of Hollywood and success in the cinematic Mecca, overcoming the battle against prejudice. The 53 years old actor recalled that one of the first comments he received in the United States was that if he was going to stay in Hollywood "was going to be villain a lifetime" because "blacks and Hispanics" are the bad guys in movies. Interestingly, Banderas said, shortly after he starred in “El Zorro”, where the bad guy was a blond with blue eyes.
According to Banderas, Hispanics who have made a career in film or in any professional field in the United States have struggle a lot and have come from countries in conflict, and have survived many difficulties, in order to send their children to college. These new generations studied and currently hold positions in power, which had to be reflected in Hollywood. The actor is proud for having someday opened those doors and witness how this community defeated this battle. Banderas also referred to his latest role in the movie "The 33", filmed in Colombia and Chile, a story about the workers who survived 70 days under ground after an explosion in a mine in Chile.

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